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Additional Resources on Migratory Bird Safety

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Read research on bird collisions from Dr. Daniel Klem of Mullenberg University
Dr. Daniel Klem, Jr.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology:
All About Birds
BirdCast migration forecast

National Audubon Society:
Minimizing Window Collisions

Clemson University
Clemson University Radar Ornithology Laboratory (CUROL)

See live radar showing bird migration patterns:

Live Radar Link

Select Regional reflectivity under PRODUCT and select Loop duration, then select Contiguous U.S. or the region to view.

UW Madison National High Resolution reflectivity composite loop

Wind Map

Real Time Wind Map

Other agencies supporting migratory bird safety:

FLAP — Fatal Light Awareness Program

American Bird Conservancy

New York Audubon

Illinois Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting

Birds and Buildings

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