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Products that can make your windows safer for birds!

Follow this link to see many examples and comparisons of ways to make windows in your home safer for birds! Hearts

Below are some examples of products that can be used to make windows safer for birds. CBCM does not have personal experience with all of these products but many people have found them to be effective.

ABC Product Database

ABC Bird Tape logo

ABC uses Threat Factors (TFs) to indicate the relative ability of materials to reduce collisions. Products with lower TFs are considered more effective at preventing collisions. A TF of 30 should reduce collisions by at least 50 percent and is ABC's upper threshold for categorizing materials as bird friendly.

ABC Product Database

Acopian BirdSavers

Acopian BirdSavers

Acopian BirdSavers offer a practical and effective way to reduce window kills.

Acopian BirdSavers

AviProtek - Walker Textures Bird Friendly Glass

Walker Textures logo

Acid-etched designs on the outside surface of AviProtek reduce the transparent and reflective appearance of this glass to birds. Attractive etched patterns allow light transmission and viewing through the glass while making the surfaces less dangerous to birds.

Walker Textures AviProtek


CollidEscape logo

Perforated film that will stop transparency and reflections on the outer surface of glass. Film application has a minimal effect on the view from the inside. It allows light to enter while blocking UV and infrared propagation.

Can be a solid color or custom printed with designs, logos, advertisements.

10% of each order goes to support Chicago Bird Collision Monitors through CBCM@CollidEscape.org.


External Screens

EZ Snap Screens EZ Snap Screens logo

External screens will provide a protective barrier between birds and glass. Screens have minimal effect on the view from the inside. External screens can improve a building's heating and cooling systems. Available through many window installation companies.

EZ Snap Screens

Feather Friendly

Feather Friendly logo

Markers applied to exterior surface of glass of a specific spacing and contrast to provide visibility to birds and an attractive appearance to people.

Feather Friendly

Ornilux Glass

Ornilux Glass logo

Ornilux Mikado bird safe glass has a UV reflective pattern that makes it visible to birds while maintaining transparency to the human eyes.


Solyx Films

Solyx Films

Customizable decorative films that will make the outside surface of glass visible to birds.

Solyx Films

Viracon Glass

Viracon Glass logo

Bird Friendly Glass.


Window Alert

Window Alert logo

Decals with special coating that reflects ultraviolet sunlight — light that is invisible to humans but clearly seen by birds.

Window Alert Decals

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