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What can you do?

Bring migratory bird safety to the attention of your community, local, state, and federal elected officials! Let them know that it's important to you as a voter.

On March 9, 2010, U.S. Congressman Mike Quigley (Illinois 5th District) introduced H.R. 4797, The Federal Bird-Safe Buildings Act of 2010, into the House of Representatives. If made into law, the bill would have required the General Services Administration to include bird-safe construction in new government buildings, and bird-safe practices in both new and existing facilities. This included a mandate to "address interior and exterior lighting's impact on native bird species."

Unfortunately, although the bill was referred to the Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management, it was never reported and voted on. The bill never became law, and like all non-enacted legislation, was cleared from the books at the end of the legislative session.

UPDATE: Congressman Quigley reintroduced this bill in the 112th Session of Congress on April 15, 2011. It was referred to Committee but does not appear likely to pass. Click here to track this bill.

Contact your representative in support of this important bill.

Look at the buildings where you live, work, and play, with an eye to identifying features that are known to cause bird collisions. Petition the building owners or management to make changes to reduce these hazards. Tell them that it matters to you as a tenant or customer in their building that they take measures to ensure bird safety. Provide your building with appropriate suggestions of how this can be accomplished. Contact CBCM for information on bird-safe solutions.

Support light reduction efforts in your home, office, and community. Light reduction saves energy and is good for birds, wildlife, AND people!!! For more information, visit Illinois Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting. If turning out unnecessary lights is good for one hour a year during Earth Hour — why not do it all the time?

Advocate for the creation of a Chicago city ordinance that requires light reduction during spring and fall migration seasons rather than a voluntary compliance program.

Request that bird-safe glass be used in any building construction in your community. Ornilux Mikado bird protection glass is available in the U.S. from Arnold Glas.

Ask U.S. glass manufacturers to provide bird-safe glass products. Manufacturers need to know they will have a market before they will develop or invest in a product.

Contact CBCM to give a presentation to groups or agencies that want to learn more about migratory bird safety!

Volunteer with CBCM! Click here for more information.

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors (CBCM) is an 501(c)(3) bird conservation organization.

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